One Month Piano and Sight Reading Online Course

One Month Piano and Sight Reading Online Course

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Dexterity Music Academy has announced a one month piano and sight reading online course to the public.

The online piano and sight reading course as birthed due to the desire to help people to play the piano and be able to sight read music.


In the early days in the western world when there were no song recordings, to access a song, you have to buy the score of both the instruments and vocals and sing along while playing the instrument(mostly piano) or someone plays it for you while you sing along, almost everybody in those days can sight read music even if all can’t play the instrument. The sale of music score is the origin of royalties in the music industry.

As time evolved, the advancement of technology brought about song recording, storage and other musical devices such as radio, mp3, ipod, mobile phone, etc. All these really advanced the music industry then because it helped people listen to their favorite songs over and over again without going through the stress of sight singing or playing, however, these advancement also had its own downside which is only few now can play the piano, sight sing or sight play accurately unlike before when almost everyone can.

Thanks to those in the classical world who kept it alive, if not, the art and act of sight playing and sight singing may have totally been erased from the music history.

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01-05-2020 @ 07:00 PM to
31-05-2020 @ 08:00 PM

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